Therapy Approach

As your therapist, I will listen to you with respect, in a safe and confidential relationship. During our first meeting, the initial consultation, it’s important to feel that you can speak freely and that your feelings will be heard and validated. By the end of the consultation, I will share with you my observations and some ideas about the central issue or conflict. My goal is to come to an agreement about our goals for the therapy and make some suggestions about the therapy process.

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Moving forward, there are several important tasks. One is that you are able to tell your story, that we develop a narrative about your life. This builds context or a framework for understanding your presenting concerns. Another task is that we identify obstacles or challenges that might interfere or slow our therapy progress. My goal is to offer fresh insights of past patterns and concerns, insights that resonate at a deep level and leads to change.

My approach to therapy is based on contemporary theory and current research. I value the knowledge of best practices and evidence-based practices in psychology and medicine. More specifically, my approach to therapy is informed by contemporary psycho-dynamic theory and practices. The research evidence indicates that the benefits of this approach last well beyond the end of therapy. It is my belief that this approach builds and strengthens inner resilience and grit, and develops our capacity for a deeper, freer, and more fulfilling life.

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